In the new developed version of the AURAY SC14 as a premium seater, the new design of the entire upholstery situation was important next to the improved ergonomic features. The design resulted in a very high-quality, timeless but innovative solution.
Overall, the design has been more precise and clear in its statement. The materials used and the defined surfaces underline the high value of the series of high-back and low-back.
Due to the additional development of an active front tilt, integrated into the patented mechanics, AURAY Premium delimits itself consciously from other very high quality management chairs.
Active management, we want to appeal to active people with a high level of design awareness and a sense of value at work.
With AURAY Premium, a timeless and digital element for the management and premium area should be realized.
The supporting structure fully made of aluminum, surrounds the reduced - appearing topological and seam - free cushions. The accentuated passages, fine cuts and the aluminum surfaces visualize the precise character.
The kinematics of the series AURAY, which is ergonomically effective at the highest level, is decentralized and characterizes the design in its formal presentation without "technical" appearance.
König + Neurath AG distributes the AURAY series worldwide. 2DODESIGN is responsible for the entire pre-development, pre-development of the mechanics and kinematics, and the entire design work
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