Dietmar Fissl founded 2DODESIGN in 2008 and since is primarily active in interior design, lighting - and furniture design. He earned a diploma in engineering at the University of applied sience in Esslingen and after a couple of years as an autodidact modeller and later on designer in the automotive design sector, primarily in the field of interior design and seating, Dietmar Fissl studied design at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and after that founded 2DODESIGN. In 2017 followed a short time as head of design at metabo, but Dietmar Fissl turned back to 2DODESIGN and partnered with Angela Eberhardt for three years. During the last 10 years 2DODESIGN had been awarded many times, national and international and some of those are in cooperation with Angela Eberhardt.
The studio is basically focused on lighting, architectural lighting, living furniture, kitchen, interior in common, productdesign in common and most of all office furniture. 
2DODESIGN preferes a conceptual approach,we allways like to establish a formal concept, a product architectural concept for any type of systemic products and a material concept due to sustainability.
The sculptural expression, the sensitivity of surfaces to be touched, materiality and colour of each object and, at the same time, the intuitive user - friendliness of a used object form the tension field for innovations, both formally and functionally. But we allways like to find some friendly, creative and emotional ambition too.

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