The entire SITAGTEAM family of office chairs fulfills the conceptually high demands on ergonomics, functionality and formal expression with all "family members". From the swivel chair to visitor and conference chairs, SITAGTEAM speaks a uniform design language guided by a basic theme. It offers flexible chairs for offices in all areas. The great variety is evident in the reception and visitor areas as well as the meeting rooms.
 We supplemented the purposely factual, formal overall impression of the SITAGTEAM by introducing the material and color concept, which is very finely tuned to the comprehensive task, so that every chair always appears reserved, but not unspectacular.When it comes to office chairs, we always consider ergonomics and comfort to be linked issues. SITAGTEAM shows a clear, unambiguous and very easy to grasp handling and associated with it a modern ergonomic approach which is also perceived as comfort. 
SITAGTEAM is expanding the classic term comfort.With the concept of a comprehensively applicable family of office chairs with the highest demands for ergonomics, comfort and quality in every respect, an independent and defining formal expression of the swivel chairs was created.Our customer SITAG AG produces the chair family and sells them worldwide.
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