With the study for the expansion of the S10 AURAY study, the AURAY series is to be diversified into an additional high-quality soft seat product family. The idea for this came up in the course of the development of the additional AURAY conference program, the additional small mechanics are almost necessary for an additional soft seating program, so the design for the S10 AURAY study began. In order to meet the basic premium requirements of the AURAY, the AURAY Lounge study even offers an optional automatic weight control system, the backrest moves synchronously with the seat cushion. In terms of comfort, this should ensure a unique position in this high-end segment. S10 AURAY Lounge transforms the AURAY DNA directly, and immediately turns the lounge theater into a diversified product family member. The proportions of the two high - low versions follow a more classic approach to reflect the basic expression of the AURAY product family, the elaborate, seamless upholstery is also used here. In a sculptural way, the lounge theater takes up the accentuated line of the AURAY aluminum structure, but here we see a molded wooden shell as more sensible.
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