With MODEcycle, we wanted to retain the traditional uses and learned positive possibilities associated with this. For example, the pouf should also be stackable and the standing aid should be groupable around a raised table, or both should offer full utility value on their own.
On the other hand, this singular possibility in this form already represents one
forward-looking view of work furniture concepts, because the network opens up new, additional possibilities far beyond that.
MODEcycle is divided into logical components. In addition, we believe that the MODE concept anyway is a piece of furniture that both functionally breaks new ground and here, with its flexible effect, haptically and visually represents a positive alternative to many different (functional) pieces of furniture.
MODEcycle is designed in two plastic parts in close-to-circulation recycled polypropylene and is therefore not an additional piece of plastic furniture, but a high-quality reuse. The “plug-in solution” is prioritized protected.

A decisive additional argument currently arises from the question of how to be safe both in work zones, as well as in central areas or with the offensive subject to be dealt with in the seminar area should address the issues of flexible movement.
We see the central argumentation with this MODEcycle as promoting agility, the wide range of possible uses, the immense added value within just one piece of furniture, the comfort given to users.
Compared to mere stools or poufs, MODEcycle can offer so much more.....
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