MODE is about visual tension, about form and colour.
The separation of the two volumes preferred by us here for the basic justification of MODE could of course also be designed as an integral module, but we wanted to put a strong focus on the clear sculptural separation and the associated rather poetic effect.
Especially because this furniture is at the interface of office and living can be placed and can be used in workspaces as well as at home in the home office or for private use, we wanted to emphasize the clear graphic separation and clear separation of the proportions through their two very different materialities and the strength in between.
The volumes compete in their language to the extent that a certain tension arises, but due to their compactness and functionality they also form a very
logical unit.
The poetic sculptural expression lets the solitary appear recognizable in every situation.
In addition, MODE is also fancy, mobile, MODE is also a kickboard and not a piece of furniture on four casters.
Especially in urban areas and with a young clientele the “coolness” of every application is decisive - MODE is cool!
MODE is for the ones who want to remain active.
(to protect the concept and secure any development we filed two utilitymodels) 
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