The Luminaire AIRABESC draws its formal concept from three different levels. On the one hand, the term “ORGANIC LED” relates to basic organic shapes such as the helix or carbon molecule structures. 
On the other hand, the concept relates to a cybernetic form development. Overriding measures influence the recurring identical components (modules) to form a non-uniform structure made up of “individual” components. However, the OLED elements remained in their product form here. The overall design is "organic". This conceptual approach results in a structural integration of the OLED modules in a complex three-dimensional shape. The modularity of the OLED modules and the physical framework conditions form the third basic influence for the systematic design. The developed basic form had to be interpreted and a coherent access to it gained. 
This initially led to a more crystalline form for a previous prototype, which transformed the formal “specification” of the OLED - modules themselves - glass pane. In a further step, structural requirements and quality requirements resulted in a more homogeneous shape. It communicates terms such as elegance, simplicity and homogeneity.
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