The upcomming regular living environments for single urban citizens create a special need.
This supposed to be the targetgroup of the following kitchen development we
These kitchens are not used permanently but we also consider our groupmembers
to outline a circle who like to cook in cullinary dimensions if they take
the time, therefore our plannings moved towards a kitchenblock which can be seen
as furniture and also fullfilles the ambitious needs of a cullinary environment if
neccessary. We tried to transform the “bauhaus - idea” and the "Frankfurter Küche" into todays urban living spaces and working people. 
CC05 is a multiuse kitchenblock which is
ready to be used professionally without representing a
“chief - kitchen” formally, we also want to take into count
the common desire “to make it fit”. A standard colour is
not really an argument here as this kitchen will allways
stand next to living furniture, it's part of it. The design has to be
strong enough and different by concept to stand next to
some classic object and not giving the ambition of some
workbench. But finally it represents a workbench for cookery when it's fully used.

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