SITAGTEAM Family is Top 100 of Officeproducts (Magazin das Büro)

AURAY PREMIUM für K+N AG wins now as well the Red Dot Award 2018

FILIGREE for LTS wins the Iconic Awards 2018: Innovative Interior

AURAY PREMIUM for K+N AG wins the Iconic Awards 2018: Innovative Interior


SITAGTEAM productfamily receives the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD SPECIAL 2017


In the new developed version of the AURAY SC14 as a premium seater, the new design of the entire upholstery situation was important next to the improved ergonomic features. The design resulted in a very high-quality, timeless but innovative solution.

Overall, the design has been more precise and clear in its statement. The materials used and the defined surfaces underline the high value of the series of high-back and low-back.

Due to the additional development of an active front tilt, integrated into the patented mechanics, AURAY Premium delimits itself consciously from other very high quality management chairs.

Active management, we want to appeal to active people with a high level of design awareness and a sense of value at work.

With AURAY Premium, a timeless and digital element for the management and premium area should be realized.

The supporting structure fully made of aluminum, surrounds the reduced - appearing topological and seam - free cushions. The accentuated passages, fine cuts and the aluminum surfaces visualize the precise character.

The kinematics of the series AURAY, which is ergonomically effective at the highest level, is decentralized and characterizes the design in its formal presentation without "technical" appearance.

König + Neurath AG distributes the AURAY series worldwide. 2DODESIGN is responsible for the entire pre-development, pre-development of the mechanics and kinematics, and the entire design work.

The new product line Filigree of LTS should strike the arc of the innovative table lamp on pendant light and spotlight to built-in solution and is characterized not only by the design and quote a classic lampshade form but with new LED technology with high performance in the smallest room.
The concept of the family of luminaires with unconventional light exit and an underlying theme throughout the form pursues the idea of reinterpretation of traditional lamps and families of light and form in the LED era. The "Filigree” represent a very suitable for everyday use light for applications Architectural to Consumer.

As pendant lamp, individually or in groups, Filigree can serve as a single lamp or light object. The lighting character by the variable light head in conjunction with different lengths of the tube. Scenarios can be created with light accents.

As wall washers on the track Filigree sets new standards for selected areas in the store design. The built-in version of Filigree combines the functionality of downlight and movable mounting Spotlight - the lighting ring, a passive cooling aluminum ring can be turned out from the ceiling and so flexibly react to interior design requirements.

The delicate and initially simple table lamp is used for accent lighting as well as a reading lamp in the design serve. The innovative luminaire head which is constructed the same way for all lamps surprises, and so Filigree may be used to accentuate, to read or to create an atmospheric scenario.

The entire luminaire family is made of aluminum up to the tubes, the EVG is designed into the case middle of the luminous ring. Filigree is very compact and avoids the classic "driver housing".

Our client LTS manufactures and distributes Filigree internationally.

Wire frame, four-legged, negative cantilever frame, four-star with column, five-star on castors.

The shell has ergonomic features and follows the idea of non - oriented seating. For the sidewalls fall off formally, the "waterfall" at the front edge is pronounced.

The basic size of the shell causes that you can sit across and wrong (rearward seating position) quite comfortable. This "freedom of sitting" leads to an almost playful handling and also playful form - the proximity to school chairs is deliberately created this way.

The office chair family SITAGTEAM fulfills the conceptual high standards of ergonomics, functionality and the formal expression with all "family members". From the swivel chair to visitor and conference seating, SITAGTEAM speaks a uniform and escorted design language. It offers a solution in offices in all areas and in the home office, as multi-purpose chairs. The big variety is represented in reception, visitor areas as well as in meeting rooms.

The formal overall impression of SITAGTEAM we supplemented by the introduction of very finely tuned color and material concept, due to the comprehensive task. Each chair will always appear cautious, but never unspectacular.

Ergonomics and comfort we look at office chairs always as linked topics. SITAGTEAM shows a clear and unambiguous, easily detectable handling. Bonded to a modern ergonomic approach which is also perceived as comfort. The classic term „comfort“ undergoes with SITAGTEAM a new meaning.

With the concept of a fully usable office chair family with the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and quality, we created an independent and delimiting formal expression of swivel chairs.

Our customer SITAG AG produces the productfamily and takes the worldwide sale.

Y05 bases on the final BA work of Patricia Schneider.

The AURAY-FAMILY includes a product concept which describes a chair - and a seater-family for swivel chairs, conference-seaters and lounge-seaters in both areas, the office and home-office. Next to that all family-members fulfill international standards.
To realize this authentically we first developed one major attribute, the parts cut at the back. Second we implemented a maximized variability in materials, finishes and colors for all variants. All structural and visual details hide complexity by offering some homogenous and elegant language The result is a "corporate family" easy to recognize for all its derivates and variants.
The usability concept enables users to change modes quickly and easy while remaining in an upright seating position, all elements are formally reduced.

Our attempt was to design a multilevel furniture for mixed purpose and space. Each surface has several/multiple identities. On them you can sit, wait, work, relax, lounge, read, communicate or even sleep. None of the surfaces is defined in a typical way. The backrest can be something to lean or to sit on or to deposit something. In order to this, the upholstery needs to be convenient, cushy on all areas. The inclined planes/regions are comfortable for reading. By adding Elements (APPS) die function can be extended. Shelves, little storage bags with cushions can be draped and make the couch homelike. Those Apps may look quite dressing like clothes. The cushions adjust the quality of the sitting or lying as well. A sofa to dress!

The Luminaire AIRABESC produces its formal concept of three different levels. First is by the words "Organic LED" inclusion of basic organic forms such as the Helix or carbon molecular structures.

Second, the concept refers to a cybernetic form of development - overall provisos affect regulations. As a result this effects a same of modules, recurring components, to turn into a non-uniform structure of "individual" components. The OLED - elements of course remained in their product form here. The overall priority in design here is "organic". In this case, the conceptual approach cause a structural integration of the OLED - modules in a complex three-dimensional form.

The modularity of the OLED - modules and the physical environment make up the third influence of the final shape. These Considerations result in the overall shape. It gave a more crystalline preparation for a previous prototype, which transformed the formal "target" of the OLED modules themselves - glass. In a further step, both, structural and quality standards, led to a more homogeneous form which communicates the concepts of elegance, simplicity and uniformity.

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GO - why GO? The system is set up to a little walking something! The use of OLEDs creates a very thin layered elegant perspective which gives the option to hang it or to put it on the wall as well. Diameter ~ 1000mm, Singleframe height 6mm. (by Angela Eberhardt) OSRAM

HELIX - powered by 10 rectangle OLEDmodules which are functioning structural! The idea was to let the light build the luminaire. We therefore arranged the modules like a helix which represents the essence of organic. The nodes and the center exist of only three modular parts. We consider this luminaire for living spaces but also as an advanced study for working environments. Lenght - 750mm
The crystallin expression bases on the materiality of the OLED base - glass. HELIX is a paradigma change in terms of bringing the inner
values to create a lampshade on their own. traditional luminairedesign, even with leds, cannot realize that.

OLEDone at first represents a desksculpture and second using high quality OLEDs as a new lightmedia to ensure the two functionalities. In addition to common deskluminaires this one, when it's not used for concentrated work at the desk, is an ambient lightsource upright standing on the desk - or a sharp outlined but smooth desksculpture if it's turned off. Height standing - 930mm. (utilitymodel) OSRAM